Ascension (Chapter Eight)

Toren fanned out his senses, scanning the area for enemies as they came to a narrow overlook. More on edge than he had been since his first battle, he took cover behind a cluster of boulders along the side of the rocky outcropping, carefully analyzing the small open area below.

Logically, he knew Mayun was right. As Sijo, she would sometimes be in positions where she had to fight.

That didn’t mean he had to like it.

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Ascension (Chapter Seven)

“That sorry yegit had better not be off fooling around somewhere,” Joa muttered, breaking the tense silence that had settled over the group.

Mayun had lost track of how many times Joa had tried to use the communication crystal to contact Triaris and the Heshiga since leaving the hunting caves. Each time there was no answer, the uncomfortable pressure building in her chest got a little tighter.

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