Movie Review: Ouija 2 – Origin of Evil

  Hello all, and welcome to my review of Ouija 2 – Origin of Evil! 😀

Lol, the next chapters of Blades needed a little more time, and it’s late, so here’s an extra movie review! 😄 Expect Blades tomorrow evening!

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DA FF: Blades (6c: For Him)

I’m considering my answer, when I hear a muffled thud from Sylas’ room, and a mix of crashes, cursing, and Caleb shouting something about flaming knicker weasels.

Vaellen raises an eyebrow at that last bit, and I laugh. “I think I really do need that drink right now.”

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DA FF: Blades (6b: Separate Paths)

I shake my head, smiling ruefully. “I’m grateful that you and Briall fought beside us today, but it’s time we get back to the Blades.”

“I understand,” Vaellen says. I can tell he’s disappointed, but he accepts my decision gracefully. “You’ve already done so much for me. Thank you, my friend.”

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