Hello all! I’m finishing up the final touches on Chapter Three of Ascension, but for now I wanted to share something really cool. 🙂

I found something really awesome on YouTube a few weeks back – MarkiplierGAME. If you like video games, and especially horror genre video games, he has some really epic videos. But – epicness aside – the main reason I wanted to share this with you is because he does charity fundraisers.

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Standalone – Bonds


~ For my best friend, my sister in heart. In loving memory of MDC(Y). ~


A Mountain Overlook Outside the Capital City of Neluk.


Meya Hestina kept her body low to the ground, holding the feline form of the kurag she was attuned to. A deadly predator, she moved silently through the tall grass, ropey muscles tensing as she wound between trees and low, leafy plants. In the darkness, where the light of the moon couldn’t reach through the thick canopy of arching branches and purplish blue and green leaves, her deep red fur was indistinguishable from her surroundings. Black tipped her short, pointed ears and long tail, and ran in a line from the crown of her head to a point between her shoulder blades, narrowing as it went.

An anuk aspect, this was her chosen animal. She had practiced until keeping this form became second nature. Barely needing to concentrate, she was free to let her senses roam. Picking up the soft pulse of the energies around her. Listening to the faint rustling sounds of wind in the leaves and the heartbeats of other creatures. Her sharp, pale blue eyes caught the subtle movements of those smaller animals in the darkness.

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Female Warrior Image  Lol – more than slightly confused by that post title? 😀

Tonight, it’s all about my best friend – M. Please allow me to explain to the tune of one of our favorite songs. We would stay up all night dancing to this one. 🙂

What happens when you get two 11 year olds alone in a kitchen at about 3am, hopped up on pizza, coke (the beverage, although you may wonder if the pop was spiked after this post), and whatever candy we could get our hands on, with parental supervision sleeping soundly upstairs, blissfully unaware?

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