Updates and News!

warrior woman fantasy blonde fondos 1920x1200px Wallpapers - FREE Download  Hello all! I have some updates and news for you today.

First off, I did something kind of intimidating today.

I joined…. Twitter….

Lol, why is that intimidating, you ask?

Because I have no idea what I’m doing, or what all I’ll tweet about as of yet. But, as always, I just kind of threw myself into it. 😀

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Movie Review: This Is The End

  Hello all! Welcome to my review of This is The End! 🙂 Lol – I feel I should put a content warning at the beginning of this one:

**** Read at your own risk – I am forewarning you right here and now that this movie is wrong on so many levels, and so is this review, because in order to review the movie I have to actually tell you what it was about… ****

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