“Getting To Know You!”

  Hello all!

Lol, show of hands – who (besides me, because you know I did) just started thinking of, or maybe even singing, “Getting To Know You” from The King and I?

Anywho, I write on DarkJade’s blog as well – Legends Undying – and this week DarkJade has asked everybody who writes there to introduce themselves and tell everybody a little about themselves as a writer and what we’re currently working on. And I thought I’d  like to share it here as well. 🙂

Lol – brace yourselves. I’m a little odd. 🙂 (lets pretend you didn’t already notice ;D )

I’m not sure what all to say about myself as a writer. Lol, I guess I’ll start with:

1) I am SUCH a procrastinator, and I have terrible, awful, no good, very bad time management skills.

Bad. So bad.

This happens with my writing and with everything else in my life. Lol, it’s so bad that people joke about me running on “Paige” time as opposed to “normal people time.”

So I write things down in three places and set alarms on my phone whenever I have to do something. XD

2) I love to write paranormal romance because I feel like I can take the “run amuck” approach with it to some extent.


I do research myths and legends about all kinds of supernatural creatures – in part to know the history if I want to use them in my stories, and also in part to decide if I want to add or leave out certain characteristics if I do include them in my world.

For example – there are all kinds of interesting vampire myths out there. Whether or not vampires can be cured. If they can cross running water. If sunlight instantly kills them, or if they have a very limited tolerance to sunlight. If they can shapeshift, or if they have control over certain kinds of animals. It’s all really interesting.

Lol, where the running amuck comes in is that while each of my races is loosely based on these creatures, I have taken some pretty big liberties with them. I’ve added and left out lots of characteristics to fit them into the history I’ve created for my world, and I’ve had so much fun doing it. 😀

To me, worldbuilding is just fun. – Lol, and running amuck. – Just making things up as I go along, and finding ways to connect all the craziness until it makes some kind of sense together. And that also goes for the language creation part of it too. 🙂

But as much fun as I’ve had putting it all together, I really did work hard on it all. And I hope it’s as fun to read as it is to write. 🙂

3) Another reason I love writing paranormal romance is because I’m a really big nerd, and proud of it! 😀

anime, girl, panda suit, glasses - inspiring picture on Favim.com

I’m not really a book-smart kind of nerd at all – more of a superhero/video game (especially rpg)/anime nerd. 🙂 In fact, my avatar (Mog) is from my favorite video game – Final Fantasy VI (originally released in the U.S. as Final Fantasy III… *cough, cough* and I can totally quote it and sing Aria di Mezzo Carattere – both versions… *ahem* yeah… nerd…) I think that (not the Aria, just my general nerdiness) has a pretty big impact on the way I write, and what I get inspiration from.

Part of the fun in the above mentioned amuck-ness is the magic I get to sling around everywhere. Whether it’s spells, or the magic that binds two people as prasurina (mates/lifemates – their version of marriage), the people themselves (who are based off the myths and legends of vampires, werewolves, elementals, djinn, etc), or the barrier that separates our realm from theirs – the whole world is made up of magic, and operates under the rules of the magic I’ve created.

I have to admit – I have a dream of going to a comic-con someday and seeing people dressed up like my characters. Now that would be beyond epic! XD

And while I’m dreaming, I’m hoping for a movie and tv show deal in the near future.

Anyone? Any takers? No? 😉

4) And another reason I love writing paranormal romance (as opposed to other types of romance) is because I can put some battle and explosions in there! Yaaaaaaaaaay exploooooooosions! XD

Download wallpaper Art,  anime,  girl,  sword free desktop wallpaper in the resolution 1680x1050 — picture №425580

Lol, you may have noticed from my movie reviews that I am a big fan of good fight/battle scenes. And I absolutely love kickass heroines.

And so I love to try and write both of those into my stories somewhere. I don’t know how well I pull off either, but I’m having fun working on them. I think each story so far has had a battle somewhere. 🙂

I even attempt to do martial arts. I do Tomiki style Aikido, which is technically supposed to look like this:


I don’t look like that when I do it.

I am the least graceful person you will ever know – lol, unless you consider faceplanting repeatedly to be graceful. XD Now that, I totally own!

This was the best attempt at the characters drunkenly bonding



5) I love writing romance in general because I’m a huge hopeless romantic.

Lol, this picture is from my second favorite game series of all time – Dragon Age. 😀 Such a nerd. Refer to #3 above, in case you missed the vast amount of nerdiness I’ve already shared with you.

Romance is my favorite genre, whether we’re talking about movies or books (or even games – both Final Fantasy and Dragon Age have some romance somewhere in there, lol). So even though I love the explosions and magic and epic battles, my stories are almost always romances.

I can get so caught up in stories, especially in romances, that I have been known to cry during movies. *shhhhhh* Don’t tell anybody.

6) I use soundtracks for everything when I’m writing.


I have playlists for each story – specific to a scene or a character. I have instrumental playlists when I just need background noise. Or I have a playlist with love songs for romantical type scenes. Lol, I even have a battle playlist. 😀

I’ve noticed that sometimes the lyrics to songs inspire scenes or even a character. Or I’ll hear something on the radio and think it fits a character I already have perfectly.

Lol, here’s a song that I think fits Mayun and Toren – I’ve been listening to it while finishing up Chapter 6 of Ascension:

And here’s one for Ekija, because a friend had mentioned she’s looking forward to hearing more about him. 😀 :

What I’m currently working on:

First, I’m focusing on getting Ascension finished up. Lol, it’s going a little slower than I’d like, but I’m getting closer! After it’s done, I’ll be self-publishing my first collection of stories – Beyond the Gate, The Dreamer, Ascension, Kronen, and Bonds. I’m thinking a free version that’s as is from my blog, and a 99 cent version with some extra chapters and added scenes (I haven’t been posting the full love scenes to be respectful of WordPress rules, so those will be added in as well).

Second, I’m working on the Jim Henson writing contest. I’ve got a pretty solid outline and some of the writing done, but I’m researching a few points in the Dark Crystal timeline to make sure everything fits.

Third, I’m trying to work specific secondary characters into my stories bit by bit to try and get people interested in reading the novels. Several of the secondary characters you’ve seen will have full-length novels at some point. 🙂

Fourth, I’ve got several movie reviews to do. Lol, I’ve been to a ton of movies lately so you’ll be seeing several over the next few weeks. I’m thinking I may even do a couple reviews for older films that I love, just because. 🙂

And lastly, I’ve got a couple other projects that I’m working on here and there – mainly to stretch my writing wings – that aren’t necessarily romance. The first is a Dragon Age fanfiction I’ve been working on for a very long time, lol. I was trying to make it so the reader could make story choices that would effect what ending they got. Lol, still figuring that one out. And the other was a horror fanfiction of Slenderman. I’ve never written anything in the horror genre at all, so this will definitely be a challenge, lol.


And I can’t talk about my writing experience without mentioning how blessed I feel that anyone is reading what I write. So thank you for reading, and for any likes, follows, shares, and comments. You guys are the bestest ever, and you inspire me to keep trying and keep writing, even through writer’s block and my horrible sense of time. 😀

“You [all] are precisely my cup of tea.” ;D

For more of my randomness, please feel free to check out my posts on Legends Undying (lol, you guys always get my chapters and reviews here first though, ‘cuz you’re awesome) – Paige Addams Legends Undying

Or my Facebook – Paige Addams Facebook

Or my Twitter, which I’m kind of obsessed with at the moment – Paige Addams Twitter

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀


2 thoughts on ““Getting To Know You!”

  1. That song is in my head now, thanks :p

    Enjoyed your list 🙂 sadly, I could copy several of them over onto my own, LOL!

    kupo, kupo!

    • paigeaddams says:

      Lol, I know what you mean – those songs get stuck in my head all the time! I do love my music. 😀

      I’m glad you liked my list – lol, and I’m so happy someone else knows about moogles!! XD I have two moogle plushies (Lulu weapon version and mail carrier) I got at a local Asian festival – cutest things ever! KUPO!

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