Any Requests?

Indian Warrior Lady by FactAndFiction  Hello all! I was thinking today as I was browsing the upcoming awesome movies, and wondering which ones I should review – maybe I could make a new thing out of this?

What say you to this idea:

I present you with some upcoming movies, and you can pick for me? 😀 Tell me what you’d most like a review of and, if it’s playing in my area, I’ll check it out. Is there maybe a movie that you’re curious about that you think could really, truly stink? Send me in! I’ll do the dirty work for ya, and bring back the scoop!

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December Snow


~ For MDC(Y), on your Birthday. ~


As I drive, I switch cd’s again, one handed, keeping my gaze trained on the road ahead.

I can feel you eyeing me warily from the passenger seat, and I hear you teasing me about close calls with curbs and traffic signs as you tighten your safety belt for the fifth time. You still let me drive anyway, wondering out loud at what point exactly one of my side mirrors is going to become a casualty.

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