Any Requests?

Indian Warrior Lady by FactAndFiction  Hello all! I was thinking today as I was browsing the upcoming awesome movies, and wondering which ones I should review – maybe I could make a new thing out of this?

What say you to this idea:

I present you with some upcoming movies, and you can pick for me? 😀 Tell me what you’d most like a review of and, if it’s playing in my area, I’ll check it out. Is there maybe a movie that you’re curious about that you think could really, truly stink? Send me in! I’ll do the dirty work for ya, and bring back the scoop!

I found some trailers for you to check out, and there’s a poll at the bottom of this post. Whatever movie gets the most votes between this blog and Legendary Post will have a review in January. 🙂

According to Movie Insider, as of now there are 40 movies scheduled for release in January. Out of those, I’m most excited/curious about these:

I, Frankenstein

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The Nut Job

Back in the Day

That Awkward Moment

So, what would you most like to see a review of? If there’s something else that’s caught your attention, feel free to leave the suggestion in the comments. 🙂

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀


Artwork Credits:

The artwork in my greeting is Indian Warrior Lady by FactAndFiction on DeviantArt.


7 thoughts on “Any Requests?

  1. disperser says:

    I, Frankenstein

    HOWEVER . . . not until after I watch it.

    The others hold little interest so perhaps other readers can speak on their behalf.

    • paigeaddams says:

      Yeah, out of those I think I’m most interested in I, Frankenstein and The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box. 😀 Lol, and I don’t blame you – if it’s a movie I’m really excited about I usually wait until after I’ve seen it to read reviews. Let me know what you think of it when you see it. 😀

  2. disperser says:

    By the way, I don’t know if I mention it (and it’s a bit of a non-sequitur), but I was wondering if you are familiar with “epic music”.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of it, and bought a few (Two Steps From Hell is one).

    Here’s a compilation I quite like, especially the music to the Real Steel clip, and the last piece set to the game Hitman. Actually, I like pretty much all the music in it.

    Like I said, you probably know of it already, but if not, let me know what you think:

    • paigeaddams says:

      I’ve heard of “epic music” before, and it’s been on my list to check out for a while – thank you for sharing this awesome compilation! 😀

      I’m totally loving it! I’ve been listening to this while writing this morning – very inspiring stuff. 😀 I’m working on my Dark Crystal submission ~lol, still~ so it’s perfect. And agreed – a few of my favorites on here would have to be by Two Steps From Hell. And “Human Legacy” by Ivan Torrent, right after the Real Steel clip, and “Angels Will Rise” by Twisted Jukebox, from the Batman clip, are so cool!

    • paigeaddams says:

      You have fantastic taste in music, my friend! Thank you for sharing more with me. 😀 Lol, and I know what you mean – I can listen to music like this all day.

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