Evil Waffles and Twitter

anime,gir,knife,sword,forest,cartoon  Hello all!

I wanted to share something really cool I found early this morning, as I was browsing Twitter. Lol, why was I home, and not at FedEx, you ask?

Because waffles.

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Movie Review: Frozen

  Hello all! Lol, so – there seems to have been a… big… blizzard thing… (lol, name that movie quote!) going on in Ohio this past weekend… and it appears we were out of road salt (? – this is what I’ve heard at least – ?)…

So, since I had to postpone my trip to see I, Frankenstein until last night, I figured this is actually the perfect opportunity (and a funny coincidence in my book) to review this particular movie for you.

Welcome to my review of Frozen! 😀

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