Charity – February Livestream!

  Hello all, and welcome to this month’s charity post! 😀

This time around, Markiplier is doing a big livestream event to celebrate him moving to LA. He’ll be streaming on his twitch channel with his friends, Bob and Wade. And this time he’ll also have 3 t-shirts available, and all the proceeds will go to Child’s Play charity. His charity shirts are usually through Rodeo Arcade – and I think they will be this time as well, but I’m not sure. The designs will be of each of them – Markiplier, Bob, and Wade. They’re not on the website yet, but they’ll be available a week before the livestream if you want to check them out early. You don’t have to buy a shirt to give to the charity, however – he usually has a donation page set up through the charity’s website as well. 🙂

The livestream will be Saturday, February 22’nd, starting at 12pm.

Here’s Markiplier’s twitch channel, where the stream will be taking place: MarkiplierGAME Twitch

Here’s the info he’s posted so far:

And here’s the link if you’d like to check out the charity itself: Child’s Play

And, as always, here’s some more fun Markiplier videos! 😀

Random Horror Reaction Compilation #6


Markiplier Animated | WHERE’S THE BLACKSMITH (animated by Lixian, voiced by Markiplier from several of his playthroughs of Eleusis)

Amnesia: A Late Night Drink #4 | WHERE’S THE BLACKSMITH (lol, the developer put something for him in at 2:09)


Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀



Artwork Credits:

Lol, I’m still not sure who drew this pretty Slenderwoman image. Please leave a comment if any of you guys know the awesome artist of this one, and I’ll put up their info and a link for them. 🙂


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