Some Updates For You!

  Hello all! I have several posts lined up for you this week, so lets get started with some updates! 😀

First off, I’m sorry for my recent blogging absence. Lol, I’ve been a bit distracted by a new member of the family.

Totally blaming him. It’s all his fault.

Here’s Fenris, an 8 month old alapaha blue blood bulldog, doing his best impression of a Peruvian Inca Orchid, lol. (I totally looked that up.)

Photo: Everyone! Please welcome the newest addition to the Beckman household. Fenris!

I love his face.

Frickin’ adorable.

Fenris is a rescue we adopted last Monday. Unfortunately, the vet thinks he wasn’t getting as much attention or nutrition as he needed in his last home, which is why he lost all of his fur. Just like humans have microscopic mites on our skin, so do dogs. But when they’re malnourished and not taken care of, these mites can overpopulate, causing bald patches. The vet said Fenris is one of the worst cases she’s seen. When he was first rescued, he was also covered in scabs from itching.

He’s on three medications right now, and we’re bathing him weekly to fight the itching. Lol, and because his skin condition has made him a tad stinky. He has some more fur growth this week, and almost all of his scabs are healed – a good improvement from the picture above, which was taken the day we got him. From what I can tell so far, his fur may be some kind of white/beige/chocolate merle. I’ll put up more pictures of him in my next update post as well. 🙂

Next up, I’d like to announce the winners of this month’s movie review poll! We had a tie this time around. 😀

And the winners are:

Robocop 2014

VA Movie Tie In FB COver

While I was away, I went and saw both of them. Lol, both of them were fun, but for different reasons. 😀 More on that in the review posts. 😉

Also – I’m SO HAPPY to announce that I have another chapter of Ascension done. Finished. Completed. Thank you, God, one step closer to finishing up this third short story.

[Dancing Crown] Keep Calm And Do The Happy Dance

FedEx has destroyed any semblance of writing time I’ve tried to carve out, lol. The chapter will be edited and up by the end of this week! 😀

The self-publishing is getting pushed back a little as I search for beta readers. Let me know if any of you would like a beta reading trade!

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀


5 thoughts on “Some Updates For You!

  1. Paul Davis says:

    To Beta Reading: PICK ME! 😀

    Do you play FF XIV? So we just started, and I forgot how amazingly they did absolutely over the top fantasy which gave me countless ideas for my own story. Why did I ask!? Because you have a mog as your profile picture. Basically when I see you, I think “Final Fantasy!” 😉 The only sad thing about FF is that once the beta is over, we are finished. Currently we’re in the PS4 beta, and we refuse to do a monthly pay (but I was really close to throwing that conviction to the wind for the scenery alone, as the game play honestly seems pretty basic for an MMO).

    • paigeaddams says:

      Thank you so much – I’d love to trade with you, Paul! 😀

      And I do play FF XIV! 😀 Lol, my avatar is my favorite Mog – from FF VI (used to be FF III in the 80’s). The game play of FF XIV is pretty much exactly like any other MMO out right now – I think they took a lot from WoW (which I used to play). It’s all “kill so many of this” or “gather so much of that” or “go talk to that person.” And there are dungeons and special quests that get you the best gear. They also have a dungeon finder, as well as different types of party or group finders.

      I think one thing that sets it above other MMO’s for me is that you have the option of having just one character to level.

      Thank. God.

      You can build a warrior from 1 to 50 (the highest level right now), then change your weapon to a mage staff to become a Mage, or another weapon to become another class. Whatever weapon you hold, that’s the class you’re leveling. The same goes for crafting/gathering skills – for example, equipping a pick will let you level mining. Each class starts at 1, but at least you only have one character to worry about. Also, the larger the gap between your highest and lowest level class, the faster your lower level classes level up.

      If you ever do decide to go for it, let me know if you want to go kill things with me! 😀

      • Paul Davis says:

        The same old MMO thing is what I miss of GW2. I loved just exploring and things randomly happened, and then you participated. However, the world isn’t nearly as gripping. So hopefully it becomes no monthly fee soon. Even if I had to pay $60 to get started, I’d do that happily.

  2. dreager1 says:

    I’m looking forward to your review of Robocop! I recently saw it and I thought that it was pretty good as well. Better than I had expected in several ways, although I was hoping for a little more action. (Probably in the sequel though!)

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