Season’s Greetings!

2560x1600 Christmas Anime wallpaper  Hello all!

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 😀

I’m happily preparing to rip through whatever wrapping paper crosses my path, and eat my weight in pretty much whatever is set in front of me.

Pie though.

Mainly pie. XD

I don’t usually do much of the whole cooking thing, lol, but I have been experimenting with various no-bake cream pies over the past few years. Peanutbutter pie and Oreo pie – so freaking good! And easy! Double awesomesauce! I have branched out this year though (my taste testers are truly brave individuals) and changed that second pie recipe to make a candycane cream pie with dark chocolate chips.


It actually tastes good, and no one died of food poisoning! 😀 Win win!

Do you have a favorite Christmas food? Or a specialty that you like to fix?

Here are some more fun rock and alternative Christmas songs!

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” by Come Wind

“Noel” by Kye Kye

“Do You Hear What I Hear?” by Abandon Kansas

“O Christmas Tree” by The Orphan, The Poet

“His Favorite Christmas Story” by Capital Lights

“12 Days of Christmas” by Relient K

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Capital Kings

liberals refuse accept facts liberals christmas stands Christmas Anime s

Until next time, Take Care and Merry Christmas to you and yours! 😀



Artwork Credits:

I got the anime artwork in my greeting from: here

I found the baking anime artwork: here

I got the last anime artwork from: here


4 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!

  1. Wishing you Happy Holidays, Paige! As for Christmas treats, over the years, I’ve had so many good ones, it’s hard to pick just one. One of my favorite — though it’s one I haven’t mastered myself — is tamales. Nothing quite says Christmas in the southwest like a plate of good warm tamales, comforting and spicy at the same time.

  2. disperser says:

    Merry Wonderful Holidays to you as well.

    We no longer have any x-mas traditions (nearly all the decorations are gone, and since we cruised this year, none of the remaining one got put up) other than watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (skipping over the whining Frodo bits) and Love Actually (skipping over the really sad parts with Laura Linney – I still think they could have made it work).

    As for food, I’m about to make me some pasta, eggs, bacon and cheese breakfast, later we’ll have a seven-layer salad and I don’t know what else. Again, because of the traveling, we don’t have sweets (we’re both on post-cruise diets). So, probably just fruits as dessert.

    All in all, it’ll be a good relaxing day as we weather a winter storm that is going to pass over us later today.

    • paigeaddams says:

      Thank you, Disperser! 😀

      I’m totally with you about Laura Linney – they could have made that work. Man, all it would have taken was some better communication there. *ugh* One of the sadder parts of that movie. I just want to hug her. Or pelt them both with Christmas candy until they stop being idiots. Maybe both. XD

      Lol, and I can relate to the post-cruise diet. I’ve only been on one cruise, but I remember just wandering the ship from food station to food station. And then dinner. Oh my gosh, dinner. I decided to eat everything on the menu that I couldn’t get at home. Whatever sounded exotic, or that I’d heard of on a cooking show – if I didn’t know what it was, all the better. XD Lol, I was craving fruits and veggies by the end of it.

      I’m glad it sounds like you guys had such a nice relaxing day. That’s the best part about he Holidays. Just spending good quality time with those you love. 🙂

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