Charity – February 2015 Livestream

  Hello all, and welcome to another charity post! 😀

It’s been a while since the last one, so I’m excited. 😀 Markiplier will be livestreaming by himself, tomorrow – Saturday, February 21’st, at 12pm EST I think. I’m not sure on the time, but that’s usually the time he streams. He’s going to be playing older games on a Super Nintendo emulator, which is awesome.

This time around, he’s supporting the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, which you can find information on ~ here.

And Markiplier’s Twitch channel, where the livestream will be taking place, can be found ~ here.

He hasn’t mentioned if he’ll be selling special shirts for the charity as well, but he usually does. Normally, whatever shirts you buy on the day of the livestream, the proceeds to go the charity. I think if he does decide to do that again, it will probably be on this new site ~ here. He’ll say for sure at the livestream tomorrow though, if you’d like one. 🙂

And, as always, here’s some fun Markiplier videos, just because! 😀

Random Horror Reaction Compilation #7

ABANDON ALL HOPE | Don’t Starve Together – Part 5

ALL BY MYSELF | Alien Isolation – Part 1

2 SPOOPY 4 ME!! | Spooky’s House of Jumpscares

Until next time, Take Care, and Happy Writing! 😀



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