Movie Review: Kingsman – The Secret Service

Female spy by Makotsu  Hello all! Welcome to another movie review – Kingsman: The Secret Service! 😀

And I’m just gonna start by leaving this here. Because Secret Agent Darcy, that’s why. 😀

  Starring: Colin Firth (Galahad), Michael Caine (Arthur), Taron Egerton (Eggsy), Mark Strong (Merlin), Sofia Boutella (Gazelle), Samuel L. Jackson (Valentine), Sophie Cookson (Roxy)

Plot (taken from Kingsman – The Secret Service Official Movie Site):

“Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men: First Class), Kingsman: the Secret Service tells a story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.”



Colin Firth (Harry Hart, aka Galahad) – Why, Mr. Darcy, I had no idea! O.o This character surprised me, mainly because I’m so used to seeing Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’s Diary, or as Jamie in Love Actually. Suddenly, I have a new action hero, and I have no idea where he came from, but he’s freaking amazing, and I want to see more. O.O Please, somebody, give the man a machine gun and set him loose as the new James Bond. I never knew I needed this in my life, but I do. I really, really do.

Michael Caine (Arthur) – This character surprised me. He was the composed center of the organization, and he was sometimes hard to read.

Taron Egerton (Eggsy) – This character also surprised me, and I absolutely love him, close second only to Galahad. Because badass secret agent Mr. Darcy, and how the hell is anybody supposed to top that, but I digress. He never backs down, and a lot of his badassness comes from his determination. And the fight scenes. But mainly, his determination. 🙂 I really like the way he evolves throughout the story.

Mark Strong (Merlin) – This character was really interesting. It was hard to gauge what he was thinking up until the end, which made him even more intimidating as the man responsible for training the new recruits.

Sofia Boutella (Gazelle) – She’s amazing, and over the top, and just ridiculously badass in general, lol. She’s a perfect counterpart to Valentine. I don’t really know why she’s evil, other than just because she feels like it, but it really works for her, and she’s one scary lady.

Samuel L. Jackson (Valentine) – I love this villain. Samuel L. Jackson knows how to be intimidating, and pulls it off with his usual ease, but also somehow manages to give this character a funny side. He has a certain hilarious weakness that just adds to all the crazy around him, and only makes him better. 😀

Sophie Cookson (Roxy) – She’s a tough character, and one of Eggsy’s friends. I really like her, and I really wish I had seen more about her. She kind of gets overshadowed towards the end of the movie, unfortunately.


Honestly, going into it, I really thought this movie would be silly. I was completely prepared to be critical of it, and write a somewhat scathing review.

And now I am forced to eat my words, lol.

I actually kind of love this movie. 🙂

I wasn’t expecting it to be as funny as it was, not by a long shot. But, throughout the entire movie, there’s this sense of humor about the whole thing that balances out really well with the more serious parts of the story.

And when those serious moments hit, it makes them more dramatic and surprising.

The story was more involved that I thought it’d be too.

Eggsy is one of my favorite types of characters. He’s the underdog, and the type of person who, in general, tends to get underestimated.

Lol, much to the disadvantage of those judging him.

He’s a lot more intelligent and resourceful than he’s given credit for, and I respected his motivations.

Also, whoever orchestrated the action scenes is a mad genius, and absolutely I love them. ❤

Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer Breakdown

They were all fast, smooth, and surprisingly brutal. I don’t know why, but I had originally assumed that the action would be a little tamer.

I was way off base there too, lol. The way the main characters moved was so efficient and exciting to watch, I spent a good portion of the earlier fight scenes with my jaw on the floor, lol – probably because I had no idea some of the same people that did Kick-Ass also worked on this.

Lol, that would explain a few things. XD And after I found that out, it all made sense, and I loved it even more.

Yep, and Mr. Darcy- *ahem* I mean, Galahad – he was my favorite agent out of all of them, hands down.

Colin Firth stars as Harry Hart, an impeccably suave spy with code name Galahad in "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

Seriously, how could he not be? O.O

My rating for Kingsman – The Secret Service: Epic – I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and its characters, and I absolutely loved every second of it! 😀 As dubious as I usually feel about sequels, I really hope there’ll be more of this. Definitely check this one out if you like movies like Kick-Ass or Knight and Day, or spy movies in general that don’t take themselves entirely seriously. 🙂


My Rating System:

Epic: This movie is so mind-bogglingly awesome that I may go see it twice. This one will have a place of honor on my shelf.

Cash-Worthy: Good stuff. This will most likely find a place on my shelf.

Not Bad: I liked it. I’m glad I saw it, and it may or may not end up on my shelf at some point. I would say rent it first to be safe.

Meh: Rent it first. You may love it or hate it, but I’m indifferent probably because it’s not my type of movie. I’m glad I saw it, but it won’t end up on my shelf.

Emergency Cake: I have an emotional reaction to movies sometimes, especially to tragedies. If a movie makes me sad or angry, sometimes it will stick with me for a while. At these times, only chocolate cake can save me. Chocolate cake makes everything better. No shelf for you. Ever.



Artwork Credits:

The art from my greeting is by Makotsu, on DeviantArt, and can be found ~ here.


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