DA FF: Blades (3d: Hunting the Predator)

“I have a better idea,” I say, signaling Sylas and Caleb as I take a casual step forward, hiding the motion of my hand from Karinn’s view.

She tilts her head, studying me with narrowed eyes. “There’s a third choice here?”

“Yes,” I say, mimicking her fake smile. “We could just force you to take us to Jeremiah.”

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DA FF: Blades (3c: A Dangerous Ally)

“Fine,” I say, and Karinn’s answering smile makes my skin crawl.

“You can’t be serious?!” Sylas grabs my arm, but I shake him off, unable to look at him. The ends justify the means. We’re too close to finding Jeremiah. I have to see this through, even if that means siding with Karinn.

“Sounds good to me,” Caleb says, shrugging. “I don’t see the problem.”

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DA FF: Blades (3b: Finding Another Way)

“I’m sorry for your losses,” I say, shaking my head. “But I want no part of this.”

“Ilara, we can’t just turn a blind eye,” Sylas says, predictably taking Briall’s side.

“We didn’t come here for this,” I insist, crossing my arms. It stings to know I’m disappointing him, but it can’t be helped. “Getting mixed up with a magister can only make things worse.” I look to Briall again. “Thank you, but we’ll find him on our own.”

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DA FF: Blades (3a: A Favor)

“Why?” Caleb grumbles beside me, picking the lock to the back door of Karinn’s estate. “Why do I follow you into these situations?”

“For the money, usually,” Sylas says, sighing. “It couldn’t possibly be about doing the right thing.”

“Your disapproval hurts,” Caleb mutters, glancing up at him. “Truly, how can I go on when it’s your good opinion I live for? Excuse me while I throw myself on your sword.”

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DA FF: Blades (2b: Moving On)

Shaking my head, I turn away, only to have Sylas grab my arm immediately.

“Ilara, you can’t seriously-”

“Watch me,” I snap, scowling at him. Sighing at the disappointed look on his face, I soften my tone and place my hand over his. “I’m tired, and this is none of our concern. Just more political maneuvering that I want nothing to do with.”

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DA FF: Blades (2a: Continuing the Search)


It takes me about five seconds to decide on taking out my considerable frustration on the ass threatening Briall. I don’t know either of them, and this really isn’t my business, but the situation only serves to remind me of where I am, why I’m here, and just how horribly I’m failing to right the injustices in my own life.

Which pisses me off.

Which then makes this my business. I’ve been looking for an excuse to punch someone all day, so this works out nicely.

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DA FF: Blades (1: Betrayal)

Denerim, capital city of Ferelden

Silent Blades hideout


This rage is maddening. I’m taunted with images of Jeremiah’s smirking face in the back of my mind. Never have I felt this level of hatred for another. I feel like I could cut down an entire army just to get my hands around his throat.

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DA FF: Blades (Chapter Master Post)

  Hello all! Here is the master post for my Dragon Age fan fiction. Each week, until the story is finished, I’ll update the links here for you guys. I’m hoping this’ll make it easier to navigate to your next chapter, or start a completely new readthrough if you’re looking for a different ending. 😀

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