DA FF: Blades (Chapter Master Post)

  Hello all! Here is the master post for my Dragon Age fan fiction. Each week, until the story is finished, I’ll update the links here for you guys. I’m hoping this’ll make it easier to navigate to your next chapter, or start a completely new readthrough if you’re looking for a different ending. 😀


Chapter 1: Betrayal

  • 2a: Continuing the Search
  • 2b: Moving On

Chapter 2a: Continuing the Search

  • 3a: A Favor
  • 3b: Finding Another Way

Chapter 2b: Moving On

  • 3c: A Dangerous Ally
  • 3d: Hunting a Predator

Chapter 3a: A Favor

  • 4a: Leap of Faith
  • 4b: Mercy

Chapter 3b: Finding Another Way

  • 4c: A Shaky Truce
  • 4d: A Traitor’s End

Chapter 3c: A Dangerous Ally

  • 4e: Her Servant
  • 4f: Change of Heart

Chapter 3d: Hunting the Predator


Chapter 4a: Leap of Faith

  • 5a: New Friends
  • 5b: On Your Own
  • 5c: Someone Mysterious

Chapter 4b: Mercy

  • 5d: Leader
  • 5e: Alone

Chapter 4c: A Shaky Truce

  • 5f: A Blade for Hire
  • 5g: Red Crystal

Chapter 4d: A Traitor’s End

  • 5h: Unfinished Business
  • 5i: Re-building

Chapter 4e: Her Servant


Chapter 4f: Change of Heart


Chapter 5a: New Friends 

  • 6a: Facing Demons
  • 6b: Separate Paths

Chapter 5b: On Your Own


Chapter 5c: Someone Mysterious

  • 6a: Facing Demons
  • 6b: Separate Paths
  • 6c: For Him

Chapter 5d: Leader


Chapter 5e: Alone


Chapter 5f: A Blade for Hire


Chapter 5g: Red Crystal


Chapter 5h: Unfinished Business


Chapter 5i: Re-building


Chapter 6a: Facing Demons

  • 7a: The Fade
  • 7b: A High Price

Chapter 6b: Separate Paths


Chapter 6c: For Him

  • 7b: A High Price
  • 7c: By His Side

Chapter 7a: The Fade (AVAILABLE 10/28/16)

  • ????
  • ????

Chapter 7b: A High Price (AVAILABLE 10/28/16)

  • ????
  • ????

Chapter 7c: By His Side (AVAILABLE 10/28/16)

  • ????
  • ????



Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, lore, etc. are the property of BioWare, and their respective writers. The only things that are mine are the original characters and plot of this story – DA FF: Blades. I am in no way associated with BioWare. No copyright infringement is intended. This is for entertainment purposes only.






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