Movie Review: Jason Bourne

  Hello all, and welcome to my review of Jason Bourne! 😀

Lol, I keep thinking the last one was the last one, but I’m totally not complaining that there always seems to be more. 🙂

  Starring: Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), Tommy Lee Jones (Robert Dewey), Alicia Vikander (Heather Lee), Vincent Cassel (Asset), Julia Stiles (Nicky Parsons), Riz Ahmed (Aaron Kalloor)

Plot (taken from IMDb):

“The CIA’s most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.”



Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) – This character is always interesting to me. He always wants to come off like he’s only out for himself, but he does care about what happens to others. Also, he’s a total badass, lol.

Tommy Lee Jones (Robert Dewey) – I love this actor. Lol, and I love to hate this character. He plays such an amazing bad guy.

Alicia Vikander (Heather Lee) – I spent most of the movie going back and forth on what I thought of her. I still can’t entirely decide if she was ever really on anybody’s side but her own.

Vincent Cassel (Asset) – This guy was intense. Nothing mattered but the mission. Bourne was personal to him though, and I get why.

Julia Stiles (Nicky Parsons) – Lol, I really need to go back and watch the older Bourne movies. I remember liking this character before, and I liked her in this one too.

Riz Ahmed (Aaron Kalloor) – I feel kinda bad for this guy. It seems like he had good intentions, and ended up in over his head.


Honestly, I have to hand it to them. They’re always building on this story in interesting ways. I was kind of afraid it would be more of the same in this one, but they keep adding more layers to Bourne’s past, and what got him to this point.

I love this. It keeps me invested in the character, and makes him more real to me.

There is a kind of subplot that’s just sort of there, involving Kalloor, which ties into, and adds to, the whole situation. Lol, it also gives further examples of Tommy Lee Jones being a subtle brand badass villain.

He never screams “evil,” but I think that’s part of what makes him so good.

The action scenes were awesome, of course.

Lol, there were shiny explosions and gun battles! Yeah!

And also a really cool motorcycle chase scene! 😀

These movies always deliver in the action. 😀 I never have any complaints here.

Bourne’s interactions with Lee throughout the movie were interesting. Like I said, I never really knew if she was entirely trustworthy, because I could never figure out where her real loyalty was.

There are certain times where some of the characters discuss whether Bourne could ever be brought back in, rather than being killed. She probably had the best chance of making that happen, but I have to say, I kinda hope he just keeps doing his own thing if they decide to do more movies. It feels like it would go against his character to join back up with the CIA.

My rating for Jason Bourne: Cash-Worthy – Not bad at all. I like how the Bourne movies are always building on each other. I actually kind of hope I eventually see some kind of closure for him someday. Lol, this particular franchise is one of the very few times where I’m actually hoping for more. I’m curious to see where they go from here. Check this one out if you like the Bourne movies, or spy type movies in general.


My Rating System:

Epic: This movie is so mind-bogglingly awesome that I may go see it twice. This one will have a place of honor on my shelf.

Cash-Worthy: Good stuff. This will most likely find a place on my shelf.

Not Bad: I liked it. I’m glad I saw it, and it may or may not end up on my shelf at some point. I would say rent it first to be safe.

Meh: Rent it first. You may love it or hate it, but I’m indifferent probably because it’s not my type of movie. I’m glad I saw it, but it won’t end up on my shelf.

Emergency Cake: I have an emotional reaction to movies sometimes, especially to tragedies. If a movie makes me sad or angry, sometimes it will stick with me for a while. At these times, only chocolate cake can save me. Chocolate cake makes everything better. No shelf for you. Ever.



7 thoughts on “Movie Review: Jason Bourne

  1. disperser says:

    Not sure I agree on this one . . . this was one of the rare movies we did go see.

    To be clear, it was mostly because the movie theater is air conditioned and Hawaii is hot this time of year and our condo does not have AC.

    That said, for me, there were a lot of problems with the movie. First and foremost, the character was . . . out of character. I did not believe he would resort to being a street fighter (presumably, to “feel” something or because he is conflicted). That goes against his whole personality in previous movies. Plus, you know, we had already resolved the whole “who he was and how he got there” thing and I did not buy this whole “what about my dad?” plotline and these new memories that apparently are just that: new.

    The action was OK, but that too gets old because we’ve already seen him do all the cool things he does. The technology aspect is getting more and more incredible, so there too they are losing me. Overall, I thought the movie and plot were mostly there to revisit all the “cool” moments from previous movies. You could almost sit there with a checklist ant tick them off.

    One minor thing that still bothers me about the car chases, is that the airbags never go off in his face. For that matter, neither for the cars chasing him. I would sue the manufacturers.

    I would classify this as a rental, but I have no motivation to watch it again or to own it (I do own the first three). I would almost say we wasted out money, but, you know, air conditioning; it was worth it.

    Still, highly unlikely I will go see any other movie in the franchise.

    I am mildly interested in the Jack Reacher movie coming out in October, but again, mostly for the AC.

    • paigeaddams says:

      Oh man, I don’t blame you. I would die without AC. Or be at the movies 12 hours a day, regardless of whether I was actually watching one, lol. XD

      It’s been so long since I’ve seen the others, I really gotta go back and watch them, lol. You’re right, now that I think about it! I had forgotten that they pretty much did wrap up his origin story. Lol, that’s probably why I keep thinking the last one was the last one. XD

      Lol, you know me – I love my explosions. Almost as much as I love magic and superheroes. That last car chase did drag on a little longer than I thought it needed to though. I was with my in-laws, and one of them got up mid chase scene, went to the restroom, and came back before the chase scene ended, lol.

      I’m definitely looking forward to Jack Reacher! I really liked the first one, so I’m interested to see where they take it from there. The two I’m looking at now are The Magnificent Seven and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

    • disperser says:

      Not big on children, peculiar or not, so I will pass on that one.

      The Magnificent Seven intrigues me a bit but I’ve not like the recent modernization of Westerns. Plus, if they follow the plot line of previous interpretations, I’ll probably not like the ending. Hint, people die.

      The thing is, I remember the Yul Brinner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Charles Bronson et al version pretty clearly, and they are not likely to even come close to matching what was a fantastic score.

      I’ll probably watch it, but my expectations will be low.

      As for Jack Reacher, I will probably check out a few of the novels from the library (then buy them if I like them). Still, that will be a pure action movie, so yes on watching it.

      By the way, I would have preferred a Bourne Movie where he was focused, in control, and more purposeful than the lame reasons they gave.

      Just curious . . . have you watched the Hitman movie? Currently, it’s my go-to movie when I want to watch an action movie.

      • paigeaddams says:

        Yeah, as excited as I am for Magnificent Seven, I’m also really scared because it looks almost exactly like Seven Samurai, or Samurai 7, from Japan. O.O I was wondering if this was the Western version. I didn’t know there was another version – the one you mentioned. Man, it sounds like Magnificent Seven may turn out to be a chocolate cake movie after all, lol. I’ll still probably see it, but I’ll also probably cry, and all the local stores will have to restock their cakes. XD And my trainer will fire me, lol.

        And I did see Hitman, and I really liked it! 😀 There was a second one this past year that was pretty good too – Agent 47. They’re based on the Hitman video games, but I haven’t played any of them yet. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Hitman movies. 😀

        One of my recent favorite action movies is a movie I saw at my mom’s – Lockout. I didn’t really know anything about it, and it seems like it’s not a super popular movie, but I love it, lol.

        It’s not a new movie, but it’s a lot of fun. 😀

      • disperser says:

        Yes, The Magnificent 7 (all movie versions I know of) are based on the Seven Samurai. The western I referenced is this one:

        I had forgotten Agent 47 . . . I had seen the trailer and then lost track of it. I’ll have to hunt it down.

        And yes, Lock-out was not bad . . . implausible as all heck, but, you know, that’s movies.

      • paigeaddams says:

        I’ll have to go back and watch that one! But man, knowing the Magnificent Seven films are Seven Samurai for sure – yeah… lots and lots and lots of cake. But they look so good! XD This is one of those rare times where I want to see it anyway. Lol, at least I’m going to be going into it prepared to cry. Thank you for the heads up! 😀

      • disperser says:

        Well, as much as I did not like that a few characters die, they each had a hero’s death (although one died saving some stupid children, so that was a waste). Plus, I assume from the previews that this will likely be a modernized upbeat film. And, I think that if you watch the Yul Brinner movie, you’ll like the ending.

        They made a sequel, The Return of the Magnificent Seven (obviously, with a few new members). Basically, the same premise redone.

        I’m pretty sure there will be a level of snark in the new movie that was not present in the last one, although they too had what passed for snark back then . . . actual humor.

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