DA FF: Blades (4e: Her Servant)

“Fine,” I say, after weighing my options. “I will serve you.”

I’m tired of getting screwed. Playing by the rules has given’ me nothing but betrayal. It’s time to try something new.

At least Karinn is honest about what she is.


I hear the disappointment in Sylas’ tone, and I can’t bring myself to look at him.

“Sounds good to me,” Caleb says, leaving it at that.

“Wise choice,” Karinn says with a nod, and a bone-chilling smile.


Darkside Ending 1

Minrathous, Tevinter Imperium

A few months later


I make my way down a darkened side alley, keeping to the shadows as I stalk my mark. Some random nobody who has managed to displease Karinn.

Not that it takes much to do that.

It doesn’t matter though. A mark is a mark, regardless. This man will end up as Briall had, after Karinn had realized he was sticking his nose into her affairs.

Missing, without a trace.

Even though I can’t see Caleb, I know he’s positioned up ahead, somewhere in front of the person I’m following. The pang I feel that Sylas isn’t here doesn’t last long. I’m getting used to him not being around anymore.

The morning after accepting Karinn’s offer, I’d found a note from him.

I can’t watch you become something I know you’re not. You will always be family to me, but this is one path I can’t walk with you. Dareth shiral, da’len.

It had hurt to read those words, but I know he did the right thing. Karinn would have asked me to kill him otherwise, to keep him from telling anyone about her relic, and I know that’s the one thing I could never do, no matter how far I fall.

Unlike with Jeremiah, there is no finding Sylas at this point. I know I’ll never see him again.

Ahead of me, my mark stops, seeing Caleb materialize out of the darkness of an intersecting alley. With silent steps, I quickly move up behind the man, and run my dagger across his throat.

His hands come up to defend himself, and I feel him jerk away from me, but it’s far too late. Blood pools at his feet as he stumbles, choking on his own blood. He falls to his knees, clutching futilely at his neck. Standing behind him, I don’t see the horror in his eyes, but I can sense his fear as he slumps over.

It’s over in moments, and Caleb quietly joins me, glancing either way down the alley to make sure we weren’t seen by anyone.

I go through the man’s pockets, and pull out a scrap of paper. Glancing over it, I see he was an agent of the Inquisition, and there are notes about the Inquisition’s plans.

Karinn will be pleased with the information I’ve found. It will improve her standing with the Venatori stationed at Redcliffe, in Ferelden.

Since the events at the Conclave, and the appearance of the Breach, Karinn has been using the power the relic has given her to help the Venatori.

A new power is rising, leading Karinn and the other Venatori. As hard as the Inquisition fights, I doubt they’ll be able to overcome it.

The Silent Blades follow me now. Soon, we will be infiltrating the Inquisition for the Venatori.

It won’t be long before they fall.



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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, lore, etc. are the property of BioWare, and their respective writers. The only things that are mine are the original characters and plot of this story – DA FF: Blades. I am in no way associated with BioWare. No copyright infringement is intended. This is for entertainment purposes only.


2 thoughts on “DA FF: Blades (4e: Her Servant)

  1. disperser says:

    One either has honor or not. All it took for her to change was a personal betrayal. Had she any honor, she has but compounded that betrayal. Her betrayal of herself is no better than Jeremiah’s.

    . . . and it does not seem as if anything really happened to warrant this drastic a change, so why not join Jeremiah rather than this Karinn filth? He asked no more than what Karinn did and yet paid a price for it.

    If this were a movie I watched or story I read, it would ruin the whole experience. It would mean I followed and identified with someone who is no better than the scum Jeremiah.

    Personally, I think humanity is thus, but I would rather not get reminded of it in my entertainment.

    • paigeaddams says:

      Oh man, totally agreed! Lol, I *hated* this ending! XD Honestly, I don’t like any of the Darkside Endings at all. This is another thing the game franchise does though – you can become one seriously evil character in the games with very little effort or logic behind it, or you can be a paragon of virtue, or anywhere in between. Lol, I have gotten some of the bad endings in the games, and almost swore off the games because I was so emotionally invested in the stories and characters. I don’t like bringing misery into my entertainment either – lol, the world has enough of it as is.

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