DA FF: Blades (5d: Leader)

“Send for them,” I say, uneasy about going after Jeremiah without the added support of the Silent Blades. “Who knows if he managed to get his hands on the relic or not.”

“He doesn’t have the dreamer,” Caleb says, frowning at me.

“It doesn’t matter,” Sylas insists, backing me up. “We shouldn’t risk it.”

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DA FF: Blades (5a: New Friends)

I know Caleb probably isn’t going to be crazy about the idea, but I can’t just leave Vaellen and Briall hanging in this situation.

“I know it’s a lot to ask,” Vaellen rushes to say, misinterpreting my pause. “We don’t know each other, and I already owe you-”

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DA FF: Blades (4f: Change of Heart)

I don’t know what that relic is, but I don’t like how much power it’s given Karinn. I’ve seen the way her red pendant alone has enhanced her powers. Allowing her to keep the relic, and grow even stronger, would be a mistake.

My eyes lock on the pendant, and it’s hard to look away. There’s something alluring about it.

I bet it would be more useful to the Silent Blades.

More useful to me.

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DA FF: Blades (4e: Her Servant)

“Fine,” I say, after weighing my options. “I will serve you.”

I’m tired of getting screwed. Playing by the rules has given’ me nothing but betrayal. It’s time to try something new.

At least Karinn is honest about what she is.

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DA FF: Blades (4d: A Traitor’s End)

“Ilara…” I hear Jeremiah’s voice next to my ear, and a wave of revulsion sweeps through me. “I can practically hear the wheels turning in that head of yours. Don’t be foolish.”

Caleb laughs darkly, reading my expression. “She’s not the foolish one here.”

“I guess it never occurred to you,” Sylas adds, sneering at Jeremiah like he wants nothing more than to crush his skull. “The only reason she never fought you before is because she used to love you.”

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DA FF: Blades (4c: A Shaky Truce)

As much as I hate him, I do see the importance of taking the relic from Karinn. If things are as bad as they sound, based on Jeremiah and Briall’s information, I shouldn’t take any chances.

“Fine,” I say, trying to remain still in Jeremiah’s grasp, despite the disgust I feel. “Now let go of me.”

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