Updates and Stuff!

  Hello all! 😀

I just wanted to give some updates, a very vague sort of plan moving forward, and one super exciting piece of news.

First up, I’m going to finally, FINALLY finish up the Dragon Age fanfiction I started. I’m thinking I’ll be putting up the next chapters towards the end of the week/next weekend-ish.

Lol, I’m sooooooooo close to the end, but I’m convinced I have this rare brain disease that only affects writers (or perhaps only me, lol) – I find any and every excuse not to finish what I’m doing, and there’s no logical explanation for my procrastination. Do any of you ever feel like this? Writer’s block/laziness/it’s-absolutely-life-or-death-that-I-binge-watch-(name of Netflix addiction here) right when you get to the end of something you’re working on? This seems to be a thing for me. I do so well until I hit the last couple chapters of something.

I tease my husband that he’s a vampire because he can never consume the last bit of anything. By this logic, I am a vampire – just replace “consume” with “write.”

I can’t write the end of anything without first going through the 6 stages of procrastination. *sigh* I’m sure they look different for everyone, but here’s mine:

  1. Random Scrolling: this is where I first lose my concentration. I don’t know how to end what I’m working on, and so I scroll around to different parts in the story that need tweaking. I end up making notes on completely different stories.
  2. Music: in this stage I convince myself I must have the perfect soundtrack to whatever I’m writing. That will get the creativity going, for sure! And I must search online for this magic, because I don’t have ANY of it in my iTunes library yet.
  3. Self-editing Hell: in the midst of my random scrolling, I realize that I’ve made a terrible error somewhere in the story, and fall into a nightmare realm of my own design from whence there is no escape. I have to go back and make changes. LOTS OF CHANGES. Sometimes the changes are completely unnecessary, I’ve made things worse, and the downward spiral into madness commences from there.
  4. YouTube: this is where I’m desperately searching for that perfect music that will inspire me on how excatly to fix whatever damage I did in stage 3, and fall quite willingly down the rabbit hole of “Oooooo – look at all the shiny interesting suggested videoooooooos that have NOTHING to do with what I’m writing…..” Do I really need to watch someone else do a full 12 hour Let’s Play of Resident Evil 7? YES, apparently I do. Do I really need to watch everything Buzzfeed Unsolved has ever put out? Yeah, bring it on! And while we’re at it, let’s check in with Markiplier!
  5. Netflix: this is where I lose the will to adult (becaue before this point I was TOTALLY adulting), say screw it, and curl up with my dog on the couch and watch EVERYTHING available on Netflix that I haven’t already watched.
  6. Cry: last but not least, this is where I realize I’ve wasted an ENTIRE weekend where I absolutely should have been writing. Instead, I have bested my personal record for number of hours spent sitting on the couch without moving or doing anything useful. AGAIN. But my dog is happy because we snuggled. So I did one good thing. 🙂

Lol, I have survived my latest bout with the 6 stages, and am ready to start writing again. There’s some time constraints to consider – there’s a lot going on at home right now – but I’m realizing I have to make the time. I’ve never really been disciplined with my writing schedule, but I’ll be working on that as I go. Lol, please bear with me.

Next, there’s movie reviews to do! 😀

I’m going to be banning myself from YouTube and Netflix for a bit, while I get things situated with the blog.

It has to be done. I have brought this on myself.

In the meantime, I’ll go to a couple movies here and there and put up reviews. I’ll feed my burning desire to procrastinate for a couple hours, while also preparing material for the blog. Hooray for multitasking! 😀

The husband and I had a movie weekend – there will be 3 reviews coming up! 😀

And lastly – I have some exciting (and terrifying) news! Did you happen to notice my banner change? ❤

My editing is done, and I’m looking to self-publish on Amazon at the end of the month!

Tales-of-Ejoma-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

So excited!

And so scared!

But mainly excited!

This will be my very first self-published book, and I’m already working on my next one. Lol, I think I’m currently on procrastination stage 3 with that one.

I’ll be tweaking the blog a bit leading up to the release date – still to be determined. I’ll keep you guys posted as soon as I pick a day. Until then, part of updating the blog content will be releasing bonus materials to go along with the book. Some of these will be:

  • Glossary for the shima language used in the book.
  • History of Ejoma, current up to the events of the first book.
  • Aspect descriptions for the immortals.
  • Traditions, Rituals, & Magic.

I’m still deciding how to compile all my random notes into posts that make sense, lol. I kind of do my whole disorganized, running amuk thing with my notes. They’re everywhere. It’s a mess. Again, I did this to myself. *sigh*

I’ll be spreading these bonus materials out over the next few weeks. Some of the bonus materials will be saved for after the book release too – mainly aspect descriptions. Over time I’ll be updating these posts as needed, as more books are released and the story world grows.

Lol, wish me luck!

As for now, stay tuned for the first of the 3 movie reviews to be posted tomorrow – Before I Fall!

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀

2 thoughts on “Updates and Stuff!

  1. disperser says:

    Good luck with the rollout.

    As for getting back to writing (something I’ve not done since Nov. 4th), I usually find that reading my stuff will get me motivated to writing more. That’s mostly what I’ve been doing.

    Hopefully, you can go to stage seven: back to work.

    • paigeaddams says:

      Thank you! 😀 Lol, it doesn’t bode well for me that I forgot the getting back to work stage. XD

      I’m with you – going back and reading different things can definitely help get me going and give me fresh ideas by seeing things I missed when I was writing it. Lol, I just have to be careful not to over-edit to death while I’m there.

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