Aspect 1: Garshik

Aspect 1: Garshik (Angel/Guardian)


  • Hair – white and shades of silver
  • Eyes – shades of silver, metallic
  • Skin – very pale, light tan, light brown
  • Affinity – high affinity for all types of magic except void; especially attuned to light magic and healing; they have the strongest magical power out of all shimana by a large margin
  • Alternate Forms – can transform to have wings. Wings are like classic angel wings: feathers are white, pale gray, either of those colors tipped with a silvery sheen, or a mix. Garshikna have a natural faint glow that surrounds them when they’re transformed.
  • Fenir – Kronen

As the first aspect of shimana God created, garshikna are the closest to the light. Magic with higher concentrations of darkness can sicken them, depending on how strong the magic is. They’re also the most sensitive to those who abuse their power, and more easily recognize those who suffer from hajithra.

Their primary responsibilities are protecting Iseyba and maintaining the arute by keeping a constant balance of light and dark energy between the two realms. They are living magical conduits, filtering huge amounts of energy every day. They become saturated in both kinds of magic because of this, and have to cleanse themselves more often than any other aspect.

Because of the weight of their responsibilities, rather than being born garshikna are created. There is a large chamber at the heart of the castle in Iseyba where this happens. Garshikna begin as a mass of energy, much like a lisudari. Light and dark magic mix together in this mass, becoming a smoke-like substance that swirls together. Over time the smoke thickens as the magic becomes stronger and more concentrated, taking the shape of a shima child. They grow very quickly in correlation to their powers, and then their bodies stop aging when they become adults, as other shimana do. When they are fully manifested and are woken up by Kronen, they are given a first name, but no family name until they find their prasuri. They are immediately able to use their full power and abilities. As the center of magic in Ejoma, Iseyba is the only place garshikna can be created, and they can only be created by God.

Because they can spend hundreds of thousands of years in Iseyba performing their duties, dealing with the constant ebb and flow of magic in massive proportions, they are created without any emotion to keep them from being overwhelmed. They do not feel things like love, hate, fear, loneliness, or anxiety. They are usually seen as cold by the other aspects because of this. All of their decisions are based on logic alone. They do not know sympathy, or understand the emotions that drive humans and the other aspects. They can only get a vague taste of emotions by studying memories they’ve collected in crystals.

Over time, each garshik will have the biranij. This is when a garshik gains the ability to feel, and their powers level out to more manageable proportions so they will be able to handle living among other shimana. It can be a dangerous and difficult time for a garshik, and for anyone else around them. Although they are still more powerful than other shimana, there is less risk of them losing control because of their unfamiliar emotions.

Before the biranij, garshikna live in Iseyba, and only leave as emissaries to visit the Junak or other cities, or to assist in the creation and upkeep of both light and dark wells throughout Ejoma. But afterwards, when it’s been determined that they can safely handle their new emotions, they can leave to pursue whatever life they’d like.

Garshikna are known for their quiet, emotionless state before the biranij, and for being completely unpredictable after it. Once they experience the biranij, they tend to have an insatiable curiosity for the world around them, and the people in it. They tend to want to surround themselves with others, living in cities, and are known for being sometimes awkward as they learn the ways of the world, but mainly friendly, open, and extremely honest, sometimes to their own detriment.

Kronen was the first garshik God created, and also the first shima. He is the only garshik Jiru, and commands more power than any other being, second only to God. He is known amongst shimana as “Um Vashuk aro Tairi” – “The Sight of God.”


6 thoughts on “Aspect 1: Garshik

  1. disperser says:

    Some terms can be grokked from the content, but perhaps an associated glossary might speed understanding.

    Also, I must have missed it before; hundreds of thousands of years?

    • paigeaddams says:

      Yeah, I was torn between releasing the glossary first or the first aspect post. I ended up going with the aspect since there are ten of those I wanted to break up. The glossary’s going up next though! 😀

      And they’re suuuuuuuuuper old, lol. They pretty much walk around like machines the whole time, just doing their job. They’re immortal, so until they give up their immortality they just keep going along their merry way, lol.

    • disperser says:

      You could also incorporate the meaning for some of the terms in the aspect posts. Some of the words are names and need no explanation.

      You do incorporate a definition in the above for the biranij, although it’s not clear if it’s an event (something that adds the ability to feel) or the ability itself that eventually manifests (emotional puberty?).

      • paigeaddams says:

        That’s true – I’ve been considering doing that too. I may try to add more of the word meanings as I go along with the aspects, but it’s a hard balance for me, lol. Sometimes I end up putting too much on the definitions in. XD

        Hmm – and I’d have to say the biranij is a little of both. Some sort of event does trigger it, but up until that point the ability to feel is kind of just locked up inside them.

      • disperser says:

        You mean like an epiphany?

        . . . oh, wow . . . that just came to me!

      • paigeaddams says:

        Lol – exactly! XD

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