Interviewed by Yecheilyah!

  Hello all!

As part of trying to promote Tales of Ejoma, I asked Yecheilyah Ysrayl (aka EC) of Pearls Before Swine if I could participate in her series of author interviews, and she kindly agreed! Because she’s awesome! 😀

Time for some more celebratory music!:

You can find the interview post ~ Here!

EC is a writer with several books out herself. She’s got a new one on the way July 15’th-16’th 2017 ~ Renaissance: The Nora White Story (Book One).


Synopsis from the back of the book:

“When seventeen-year-old Nora White successfully graduates High School in 1922 Mississippi and is College bound, everyone is overjoyed and excited. Everyone except Nora. She dreams of Harlem, Cotton Clubs, Fancy Dresses, and Langston Hughes. For years, she’s sat under Mr. Oak, the big oak tree on the plush green grass of her families five acres, and daydreamed of The Black Mecca.

The ambitious, young Nora is fascinated by the prospect of being a famous writer in The Harlem Renaissance and decides she doesn’t want to go to College. Despite her parent’s staunch protest, Nora finds herself in Jacobsville, New York, a small town forty-five minutes outside of Harlem.

Shocked by their daughter’s disappearance, Gideon and Molly White are plagued with visions of the deadly south, like the brutal lynching of Gideon’s sister years ago. As the couple embark on a frightening and gut wrenching search for Nora, they are each stalked by their own traumatic past. Meanwhile, Nora learns that the North is not all it’s cracked up to be and struggles to accept her prestigious family’s dark secrets.

Can Gideon and Molly overcome their disturbing past in time to find their daughter before it’s too late?”

For those who are interested, she will offer readers an Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review. Get in touch with her if you’d like to review her new book! 😀







She also posts about black history, book reviews, and tips for indie authors. Check out the talented Ms EC! 😀

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀


8 thoughts on “Interviewed by Yecheilyah!

  1. Yecheilyah says:

    Awwue. Thank you for this! : -)

  2. Great interview and it was great to hear about Yecheilyah!

  3. disperser says:


    . . . most of the music blew right by me, names unrecognized . . . the beauty of being old.

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