Shaking Off The Last Of 2017

Lemon GirlΒ  Hello all! I’m back from a very long hiatus! πŸ˜€

Just wanting to give a quick update, and also get myself back on track. Whenever I take a break from writing, I miss it so much!

Lol, forgive me if I get a bit ranty, but… you know, I think I’d like to speak to 2017’s manager…

I think we all have those periods of time where life kicks our ass. Big FUBAR knuckle sandwich. For me, one of these was almost the entirety of 2017. One thing after another. The last of it has bled over into the beginning of this year, and I feel like 2017 just won’t take its hooks out of me.

I’m trying to be all zen about this – it could’ve been a ton worse. Lava could’ve poured from the sky. The planet could’ve exploded. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, work that I love to do, I got to self-publish last year, and I have friends a family who love me. I’m blessed.

And yet, I complain.

Eye Roll.gif

And get super ragey about certain things. I spent a good portion of the year feeling like this:

May Your Bacon Burn

And some of this:

Motorcycle Curse

And a bit of that:

Sock Curse

Among other much more colorful expletives that I probably shouldn’t mention in polite company.

However, apparently walking around with the mindset of giving 2017 the traditional double barrel birds isn’t the healthiest option.

Wise Yoda

Dammit, Yoda… I hate it when you’re right.

But, I mean – just one bird wouldn’t hurt, right? I’d definitely feel better! Probably!

Yoda Glare

Geez! Fine, Yoda! No birds! Now stop looking at me like that!

Technically, I suppose instead of continuing to focus on how much last year sucked, I should turn my attention to what I actually have control over: myself.

I’m going to focus my energy on making this year better than the last. Even if there’s more craptastic surprises waiting in the wings, ready to swoop down on me the second I get too optimistic, I’m going to keep moving.

My health. My attitude. My two jobs that I absolutely adore – writing and massage. These are the things I can work on and improve.

So! Full steam ahead! 2017 is officially in the rearview and it can bite me.

Or not. Please not. No more 2017, I was only joking.

Plz No

Onwards and upwards! This year is going to rock!

Because I Said So

At the risk of jinxing myself with my (currently in recovery) optimism, I’m getting a rough writing schedule together to keep myself moving in the right direction. And I’m also looking into seeing if there might be some local indie author things I can do. πŸ˜€

In the meantime, I’ll have some movie reviews coming up, and possibly more story related stuff. Because – BOOK TWO IS WRITTEN! FINISHED! COMPLETE!

…ahem… well, except for the painful process of making a few more self-editing passes before moving it on to an editor. I’m aiming for the end of the year-ish to have it completed. I’ll keep you posted! πŸ˜€

Lol, now if Ohio is hit by a freak meteor shower and is reduced to a rather impressive crater, you’ll know my fears are true – I’m cursed. Pray for me. Send happy thoughts.

Call the Winchesters

Until next time, Happy Writing and Take Care! πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Shaking Off The Last Of 2017

  1. disperser says:

    Well, sorry to hear and good to hear (referencing the appropriate passages of the above). Just a couple of things . . .

    The voice reminds me of this great short:

    The Carry On video is inspirational . . . but it seems to involve a lot of drinking. I suggest that’s not the way but to each their own.

    I personally use music, and specifically, these two videos:

    Both include videos of people who live in what our president calls shitholes.

    One final comment . . . I hope “rough writing schedule” refers to it being sketchy as opposed to arduous. Don’t set yourself up to fail, is all I’m saying. Good luck with your editing.

    As Captain Nesmith said:

    • paigeaddams says:

      Thank you. And I love those videos! Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€ Lol, I want to dance in one!! XD

      Lol, and agreed on avoiding drinking my feelings. I’m thinking if I had, there would’ve been more punching, cursing, and potential felonies involved. XD I’ve been trying to find constructive outlets.

      And absolutely, I’m not going to stress myself out about anything. I only meant “rough” as in I may post on Wedne-Saturday. XD I do plan on scheduling dedicated writing time, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I have to move things around a bit. πŸ™‚

      Man, now I need to watch Galaxy Quest! That movie’s amazing! πŸ˜€

      • disperser says:

        You can follow his blog; he’s always traveling around and from what I’d heard, he announces where he will be. I think he does a movie every four years or so.

        And yes, every so often we watch Galaxy Quest . . . sadly, because there are so few recent offerings that even interest us.

  2. disperser says:

    The other comment went in moderation, but I forgot to add this role model:

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