Aspect 8: Lukesh

Aspect 8: Lukesh (Djinn/Genie)


  • Hair – black, blond, brown, red
  • Eyes – blue, brown, gold, gray, green, hazel, purple
  • Skin – light tan to dark brown
  • Affinity – mind reading; dream walking; granting wishes; illusion; manifestation; non-elemental magic; the only aspect who can create an anso
  • Alternate Forms – dream walker
  • Fenir – unknown

Lukeshna were the eighth aspect created by God. The balance of light and dark within them leans more towards the dark. They can be more tempted by their powers, and usually cleanse themselves more often.

Because of the nature of their abilities, they spend hundreds of years training to control them. They are the only aspect who can dream walk, grant wishes, create illusions, and manifest illusions – all of which are very similar to mind reading, and are very intrusive if uninvited. Closely tied together, these abilities all contribute to this aspect’s ability to create ansona.

They tend to be comfortable living anywhere, out in nature or in the city, but they do need to have alone time on a regular basis. They need quiet and a general lack of stimulus in order to relax. They are constantly bombarded with the wishes of others, big and small, so they appreciate time where they don’t have to be constantly on guard.

They are known for being perceptive, and kind of mysterious. They enjoy the company of others, but are known for being a little more introverted. It takes time to get close to them, and they tend to be calmer than most of the aspects. More quietly analyzing.

They usually prefer to be in more supportive roles. In a position of leadership, their serene demeanor can be very comforting, but also extremely intimidating for those who have something to hide.


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