Aspect 9: Jahuni

Aspect 9: Jahuni (Dragon)


  • Hair – black, blond, brown, red
  • Eyes – blue, brown, gold, gray, green, hazel, purple
  • Skin – light tan to dark brown
  • Affinity – non-elemental magic; either light, nature, or one type of elemental magic; can turn themselves to stone
  • Alternate Forms –
  1. Half shima, half dragon form: scales over parts of the extremities and torso, horns, small fangs, shorter claw-like nails, leathery wings, and a change in skin color
  2. Full dragon form: huge body, full-body scales, horns, sharp teeth, claws, tail, leathery wings, spikes down the spine to the tail
  3. ** The color of skin and scales in both forms differs between jahunina. **
  • Fenir – Bejarn

Jahunina were the ninth aspect created by God. Their balance of light and dark leans more towards the dark. They are more tempted by their powers, and have to cleanse themselves more often.

Their affinity to certain types of magic differs between jahunina. They can either use nature, light, or elemental magic, but never more than one of these. Like an obine, if they use elemental magic they are able to use one type only; air, earth, fire, or water.

Turning themselves into stone puts them in a sleep-like meditative state, very similar to the cleansing ritual. This is a natural defensive and healing ability, and during this time they are impervious to damage. This can be used in any of their forms.

Like anukna, they tend to be more instinctive, and can be influenced by their more animalistic side. They are known for their strength and single-minded focus. They tend to make quick decisions, and follow through without hesitation. They are driven to protect others, and make some of the best warriors.

They tend to be more comfortable in nature, with wide open space around them. They can feel a little too confined in cities, and will wander out into the wilderness when they need to relax.

They are powerful in either a supportive or leadership role, but much prefer leadership. As leaders, they are known for being strict but just.


2 thoughts on “Aspect 9: Jahuni

  1. disperser says:

    I’d missed this during my recent move to new digs.

    How’s your writing going?

    • paigeaddams says:

      Sorry for the crazy long delay in getting back to you. Lol, writing was difficult for a while there. I finally finished up what I was working on though, so I’m hoping it’ll start going more smoothly moving forward. How did your move go?

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