Kronen: Standalone Two – Waiting

~ For my favorite ghost hunter. In loving memory of SLS. ~


Hidga Mountains

South of Iseyba


Kronen could sense the hungry beasts in the shifting darkness. Their orb-like forms, glowing at the periphery of his vision, were rarely there if he glanced in their direction.

They hungered for the energy shima travelers naturally emitted, especially those who favored darker magic. They stalked their prey from the shadows. Waiting for the foolish or the unwary to step off the path.

He had walked these shadowy trails many times before, however, and understood their dangers well. He knew the faint hums he heard on occasion, like someone quietly singing, were meant to lure him deeper into the trees. He recognized the soft lights he saw out of the corner of his eye from time to time, blending in with the shimmering colors around him, as inviting distractions meant to make him lose focus. To follow them.

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Ghost Girl 01  Hello all! Just wanted to give a quick update, and to preface the next chapter I’m posting later this evening.

I’ve written a few chapters now that have been dedicated to people who have passed away. They’re always the hardest to write, and take the longest for me, and I generally shut myself away for a long while when I do them. Even though the characters aren’t always an exact representation of them specifically, I always want the stories to reflect something about them. Something they loved, or maybe a little bit of their personality somewhere.

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