Aspect 10: Sathra

Aspect 10: Sathra (Vampire)


  • Hair – black, blond, brown, red
  • Eyes – blue, brown, gold, gray, green, hazel, purple
  • Skin – pale to very light brown
  • Affinity – hypnotism; mind control; mind reading; non-elemental magic
  • Alternate Forms – None
  • Fenir – unknown


As the tenth aspect created by God, Sathrana are the farthest from the light. The balance of light and dark within them leans towards the dark. Because of this, sathrana have the hardest time adjusting to their powers. They are the most tempted by them, and must cleanse themselves more often than any other aspect, except garshikna.

Sathrana are the only aspect who need to feed directly on energy. Drinking the blood of animals, humans, and other shimana keeps them alive. They can eat normal food, and gain nutrients from it, but not enough for them to live on. The natural energy of blood, of life, is like drawing from the source of magic directly. Shima blood is the richest, then human, then animal. As a sathra gets older and more powerful, they need less blood. They are not allowed to drain those they are feeding on completely. The energy released from the body at the moment of death can easily taint a sathra with hajithra. If any other aspect feeds on blood, it is purely for the drug-like rush that they can get from it.

Sathrana are the only aspect who can easily use mind control, or even erase memories, without damaging the mind of the person they’re trying to control. As with any skill associated with the mind, this works easily on humans, but it’s not as easy on shimana because of natural defenses shimana have.

They are most comfortable living in a city, surrounded by people. Like mahegina, they have no alternate form, and also don’t really need one. They are extremely powerful in non-elemental magic, and are the most skilled in combat, matched only by garshikna. They are known for their strength, grace, and natural magnetism. They draw others to them easily, and tend to have a mysterious air about them.

Sathrana are also the only aspect that can become a Telesil. This is partly because the energy of the Telesil, as a sathra, and the energy of the Ushara, as a tifire, balance each other so well. They are first protector to their Jiruna and Sijona.

Like jahunina, they are powerful in either a supportive or leadership role, but they much prefer a leadership role. As leaders, they are usually the most elegant and refined, and the most intimidating.


4 thoughts on “Aspect 10: Sathra

  1. disperser says:

    First . . . I think this is why everyone would want to be vampires.

    Second, consider linking terms (like Telesil) to other posts with aspect descriptions or providing a quick glossary at the bottom of the post for terms that are not yet covered by other posts.

    Just a suggestion. It might spark the interest of new readers and lead them to explore more of the world.

    • paigeaddams says:

      Sorry, I didn’t get a notification that I got a comment for some reason, and totally didn’t see this!

      I definitely have a soft spot for vampires in general, lol. They’ve always been one of my favorite supernatural creatures. 😀

      And I like that suggestion of linking terms! Lol, I didn’t even think of that.

    • disperser says:

      . . . I still think the canines would get in the way of enjoying a good meal . . . or, at least, make you talk funny. Also, they would be hard on your lower gums.

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