The Blood Curse – Sneaky Peek #1

Dragon Woman 06  Hello all! I just wanted to start sharing little bits of Book 2 as the release approaches. Lol, things maaaaaaay have possibly been pushed back because I moved. So, we begin our countdown now! Right this very instant! Woo-hoo!! 😀

After the events in Book 1, war is slowly starting to break out across the shima realm, Ejoma.

Lol, our hero, Ashriel, is… interesting. 😉 If you read Book 1, Tales of Ejoma, you first got to meet him in his Standalone teaser chapter at the end of the book, Ashriel: Standalone One – Life and Death. The Blood Curse takes place not long after that teaser.

Here’s the synopsis:

Jillian, a live-in housekeeper forced to change employers and work in a mysterious old house in the woods, doesn’t know what to make of her new position. She also can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to their enigmatic guest, Ashriel, than there seems. She’s drawn to him despite his over-the-top antics and their constant arguing, and as the mystery surrounding Ashriel deepens, she begins to think there could be something dangerous about the home’s owners.

Ashriel, powerless and in a cursed state, knows from firsthand experience the kind of life and death situation Jillian has unwittingly put herself in. He’ll do everything in his power to get rid of her, knowing she’s no match for the monsters who want to use her. But this stubborn, infuriating, fascinating human won’t seem to get the not-so-subtle hints he’s dropping, and before long, she’s as much a captive as he is.

Can they learn to trust each other and find a way to fight the evil closing in on them?

Things to know about Ashriel:

  1. He hates humans. After spending centuries dealing with the secret society in the human realm who hunts his people, and only experiencing the dark side of humanity, he’s lost faith in the human race as a whole.
  2. In his captivity, he spends his free time breaking as many things as possible. Why? He has his reasons. 😉
  3. He cusses. A lot. In fact, I think “fuck” is probably his favorite word in the English language.
  4. After meeting Jillian, the human he’ll be forced to rely on, the number of times he says his favorite word greatly increases, along with his desire to break inanimate objects.

Lol, so I’ll just leave this tiny excerpt here…:

If he couldn’t annihilate his enemies with his bare hands, at the very least he could go out of his way to disrupt every one of their plans.

Bits of glass crunched beneath Ashriel’s boots as he crossed the room, and he took great joy in grinding them into the hardwood floor. It could only help his cause. What he was searching for could appear to be anything, anywhere in that house.

Futile, considering his hopeless circumstances? Absolutely.

Childish, even to his admittedly questionable standards? Definitely.

Did he give a shit? Not at all.

Mischievous 01

Stay tuned for more!

Until next time, Happy Writing! 😀


2 thoughts on “The Blood Curse – Sneaky Peek #1

  1. disperser says:

    Good luck with your launch. And good luck with having moved.

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