Shima History

Hello all, and welcome to my shima history! As with the glossary, the present day tensions section of this post will be updated as I go along in the series.

For now, this is current up to the beginning of Beyond the Gate, the first story in Tales of Ejoma.


~ Excerpts from shima historical tomes ~

In The Beginning –

God stood at the center of creation after completing His masterpieces, men and women in His image. Seeing that there was both light and dark in them and knowing the pain in store for them, He separated His beloved creations. These children, each an aspect of God, were scattered. Divided into two realms, human and shima were separated by a wall of energy that became known as the arute.

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Aspect 2: Tifire

Aspect 2: Tifire (Faerie)


  • Hair – black, blond, brown, red
  • Eyes – blue, brown, gold, gray, green, hazel, purple
  • Skin – pale to dark brown
  • Affinity – light magic; healing; ability to see energy patterns around others
  • Alternate forms –
  1. Tiny tifire form: only a few inches tall, has wings, and natural glow around them that can turn into a blinding light. Female wings are usually more insect-like – translucent with shimmery patterns, or similar to a butterfly with more vibrant colors. Male wings are usually more jahuni-like – leathery, darker colors, sometimes with darker patterns.
  2. Shima-size tifire form: has wings and natural glow that doesn’t turn blinding. Female and male wings are the same as the tiny tifire form.
  • Fenir – unknown

Tifirena were the second aspect created by God. Their balance of energy is more light than dark, and darker magic can sicken them in high concentrations.

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Glossary – Shimaka

Hello all, and welcome to my shimaka glossary! 😀 Here you will find the complete shima language. Over time it will keep growing – I’ll be adding words as needed.

Lol, I am no linguist, but I had a lot of fun creating this language. There are probably flaws I’ll try and tweak as I go too, especially since this is the first language I’ve created. 🙂 I read The Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder to try and figure out how to put it all together. Check it out if you want to create your own fantasy language! 😀

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Aspect 1: Garshik

Aspect 1: Garshik (Angel/Guardian)


  • Hair – white and shades of silver
  • Eyes – shades of silver, metallic
  • Skin – very pale, light tan, light brown
  • Affinity – high affinity for all types of magic except void; especially attuned to light magic and healing; they have the strongest magical power out of all shimana by a large margin
  • Alternate Forms – can transform to have wings. Wings are like classic angel wings: feathers are white, pale gray, either of those colors tipped with a silvery sheen, or a mix. Garshikna have a natural faint glow that surrounds them when they’re transformed.
  • Fenir – Kronen

As the first aspect of shimana God created, garshikna are the closest to the light. Magic with higher concentrations of darkness can sicken them, depending on how strong the magic is. They’re also the most sensitive to those who abuse their power, and more easily recognize those who suffer from hajithra.

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