Movie Review: Cuties (aka: The Pukening)

Hoooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy….. Um… Here we go, I guess? Welcome to my review of Cuties. God help me. *ponders to self what my new personal FBI guy is going to think about my search history, and hopes he REALLY likes anime memes and YouTube*

Lol, keep in mind: I am not a professional movie critic. I don’t look at movies and tv shows the same way a professional would, especially Film Festival movies. Lol, I think I’ve only ever liked one or two that I’ve seen. I’m sure there’s plenty of nuance I’m missing. So, again, take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Then again, Cuties appears to be *almost* universally hated, sooo… maybe I’m not alone.

The trailer song is actually a lot of fun, separate from the movie.
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