DA FF: Blades (6c: For Him)

I’m considering my answer, when I hear a muffled thud from Sylas’ room, and a mix of crashes, cursing, and Caleb shouting something about flaming knicker weasels.

Vaellen raises an eyebrow at that last bit, and I laugh. “I think I really do need that drink right now.”

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DA FF: Blades (6b: Separate Paths)

I shake my head, smiling ruefully. “I’m grateful that you and Briall fought beside us today, but it’s time we get back to the Blades.”

“I understand,” Vaellen says. I can tell he’s disappointed, but he accepts my decision gracefully. “You’ve already done so much for me. Thank you, my friend.”

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DA FF: Blades (6a: Facing Demons)

“Caleb will probably have something to say about this,” I say with a grin, crossing my arms. “But I wouldn’t feel right leaving a friend to fend for himself.”

There’s a muffled thud from Sylas’ room, and a series of crashes, and we pause. We both laugh when we hear Caleb cursing loudly through the door.

“Thank you for the offer of a drink,” I add, shaking my head. “But I think we should get back in there before Sylas and Caleb kill each other.”

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DA FF: Blades (5i: Re-building)

I shake my head, weariness settling over me. “I feel bad for what happened with Briall,” I say, meeting Sylas’ gaze. “But it’s time to go back. Our contacts here can take care of Karinn.”

Sylas frowns, but agrees grudgingly. It’s clear he doesn’t like this at all.

“We’ve got plenty to occupy us once we get back to Denerim,” Caleb says. “We need to focus on re-building the Silent Blades.”

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DA FF: Blades (5g: Red Crystal)

“Hmm…” Tilting my head, I approach Jeremiah with a little saunter in my step. “Tempting…”

Hiding the action of one hand behind me, I use the other to distract him, reaching to cup his cheek. I signal the others with a subtle gesture.

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DA FF: Blades (5f: A Blade for Hire)

“Fine,” I say, keeping my expression composed. “We can work together again.”

“Ilara, don’t do this,” Sylas says, grabbing my arm. The grip he has on me is almost painful, but it’s nothing compared to the way he’s looking at me. Like he doesn’t even know who I am anymore. “What about making things right again? What about getting justice for everything he’s done?”

“Wow.” For once, Caleb is beyond words. He stares at me like I’m crazy too.

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DA FF: Blades (5d: Leader)

“Send for them,” I say, uneasy about going after Jeremiah without the added support of the Silent Blades. “Who knows if he managed to get his hands on the relic or not.”

“He doesn’t have the dreamer,” Caleb says, frowning at me.

“It doesn’t matter,” Sylas insists, backing me up. “We shouldn’t risk it.”

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