December Snow


~ For MDC(Y), on your Birthday. ~


As I drive, I switch cd’s again, one handed, keeping my gaze trained on the road ahead.

I can feel you eyeing me warily from the passenger seat, and I hear you teasing me about close calls with curbs and traffic signs as you tighten your safety belt for the fifth time. You still let me drive anyway, wondering out loud at what point exactly one of my side mirrors is going to become a casualty.

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Female Warrior Image  Lol – more than slightly confused by that post title? 😀

Tonight, it’s all about my best friend – M. Please allow me to explain to the tune of one of our favorite songs. We would stay up all night dancing to this one. 🙂

What happens when you get two 11 year olds alone in a kitchen at about 3am, hopped up on pizza, coke (the beverage, although you may wonder if the pop was spiked after this post), and whatever candy we could get our hands on, with parental supervision sleeping soundly upstairs, blissfully unaware?

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