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Here’s a list of different places in Ejoma. As with several of the other posts, more details will be added as more books are released. For now, this is current up to the beginning of Beyond the Gate, the first story in Tales of Ejoma, and lists the places shown on the map in the book.

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Amvitum –

A prosperous city near the coast of the Krunsath Sea, many artists and inventors have made this their home. Amvitum does a lot of trade with Neluk.

Sitting not far from cliffs overlooking the sea, there are sky gardens spiraling down over the edge to meet the water, and cave systems rich in water crystals.

Characters related to Amvitum:

  • Isaro Kanas – lukesh aspect, Jiru
  • Anora Grinel – sathra aspect, Telesil
  • Ewen Grinel – tifire aspect, Ushara

Iseyba –

Enclosed in the shield of the Hidga Mountains, just south of Neluk, this is the city of garshikna. The first city in Ejoma, it’s the origin of all magical energy in the realm. The only way to get to Iseyba is to walk through the mountains to Neluk, and then to the south from there. There is no direct path to Iseyba without first going through Neluk. As an added defense, there are creatures in the mountains that are attracted to darker energy. It can be an extremely dangerous journey for any shima who uses too much dark magic.

The Hidga Mountains are saturated in magical energy, forming a natural magical shield. The closer you get to Iseyba, the high concentrations of magic turn the trees scattered throughout the mountains into crystal.

Iseyba also houses the Hall of Memories, where garshikna can experience echoes of emotion, and the creation chamber, where garshikna are created.

Characters related to Iseyba:

  • Kronen – garshik aspect, Jiru, first of the ten Fenirna

Kretore –

A city built into and on top of the Retskan Mountains, the districts are spread out through caverns, and over cliffs and overlooks carved out by parut obinena. Everything is connected by bridges and tunnels. Kretore was named in honor of its first rulers.

Very rugged terrain, prone to high winds and storms. A rocky, craggy region, only the heartiest plants and animals live there. The Retskan Mountains have a labyrinth of pathways leading to Kretore.

Characters related to Kretore:

  • Mayun Tejans – jahuni aspect, one of Kretore’s two Sijona
  • Toren Shanek – sathra aspect, Telesil

Majit –

In the middle of the Senira Desert, Majit has several lightwells and a hot, humid climate. The nights are more dusky, and never get completely dark. This is one of the places viteri obinena will go to practice working with fire elemental creatures.

Having several fire crystal mines, Majit is a major exporter of fire crystals used in various spells and magical objects.

Neluk –

Located in the Hidga Mountains, north of Iseyba, Neluk is the capital city of Ejoma. It’s always packed and busy there, full of travelers and merchants. Anything and everything can be found in the trade district there. It’s also the only place in Ejoma that has an anso shop.

Neluk is also the city of the Junak, where laws are made and enforced. The members of the Junak are the Jiru, Telesil, and Ushara of each city in Ejoma.

Charcters related to Neluk:

  • Rina Deyan – viteri obine, one of Neluk’s ten Asanisna
  • Joa Betanyu – viteri obine, one of Neluk’s ten aranthna

Orilia –

Named for the fields of flowers covering the land, Orilia is known for its winding, vine-covered pathways and beautiful architecture incorporating nature. This city is a major exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, and seeds, and grows some of the rarest crops.

Urujek –

Urujek was named for its abundance of gardens, many of which are sky gardens containing night blooming flowers and sun intolerant plants that can only handle small amounts of light. All of Urujek is covered in lush plantlife and forest.

Ruled by a sathra, the city has dark wells that darken the sky slightly during the day. This gives the sky the appearance of dusk.

Characters related to Urujek:

  • Lansa Feruma – sathra aspect, Jiru
  • Gajano Feruma – sathra aspect, Sijo, Telesil
  • Navin Wesuban – tifire aspect, Ushara
  • Triaris Itsano – nesho aspect, one of Urujek’s ten aranthna
  • Ori Vikan – lukesh aspect, bidkoil
  • Daura Ajitnen – lukesh aspect, ravideil, former bidkoil

Voskai –

This city has a dark history the current Jiru is trying to overcome. Several centuries ago, the former Jiruna suffered from hajithra, and nearly destroyed Voskai.

The ruler of Urujek, estranged brother to one of the rulers of Voskai, wanted nothing to do with the taint of dark magic his family had embraced. However, once the violence started in Voskai, the Jiru of Urujek felt he had no choice but to try and stop his brother. War broke out between Voskai and Urujek, culminating in the rulers of Voskai massacring their own people, and Kronen was forced to step in.

Since the war, the Jiru of Urujek has kept his distance from Voskai.

Wotirna –

This city is located on a large island in the middle of the Anvimas Sea. They have several water crystal mines, and are one of the places univ obinena go to practice working with water elemental creatures. The castle is located at the top of a mountain, with the districts spread out around the base.


  • Resuna
  • Setsoja


  • Hidga
  • Retskan
  • Yinkura


  • Anvimas
  • Krunsath


  • Senira

Other Places:

Crater –

This is a permanent scar on the face of Ejoma. It’s where a major battle took place between the jahuni Fenir and the armies of Neluk and Kretore. The details are vague, but several centuries ago it is rumored the jahuni Fenir fell victim to hajithra, and Neluk was forced to hunt the Fenir down. The fighting in Kretore’s territory drew their army as well, the Jiruna wanting to protect their people.

Kronen was not involved in this battle, which has raised many questions over the years. The only response the Junak received from Kronen was to say he would find another jahuni Fenir when the time was right.

The crater area occasionally has small earthquakes.

Ishonu –

The only anso shop in Ejoma, the building is three stories high and packed with shelves full of ansona. In a separate room in the back, a team of lukeshna work long hours perfecting each one.

It’s located in the heart of the trade district in Neluk, the capital city.

Jahuni Training Grounds –

This is where jahunina will work to master their alternate forms. One part of the training grounds is dedicated to flight. It’s a cliff with air crystals infused in the wall on the way down, and a semicircle of pillars made out of air crystals several miles out. This forms a huge safety net for any jahuni having trouble with flight. Nalu obinena also practice with this safety net.

Characters related to the jahuni training grounds:

  • Eluk Niruv – jahuni aspect, Heshiga training jahunina
  • Darenai Leseyra – nalu obine aspect, Heshiga training nalu obinena and assisting in the training of jahunina


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